Why work with a Career Coach when changing roles?

You’ve never needed to work with one before.

There’s lots of free resources online e.g. CV templates, interview tips etc., so you could use them instead, right?

Well yes, that may be true, but the market is currently swamped with candidates, in all but a very small number of sectors.  So, it’s important that your application is as strong as it possibly can be.  You need to ensure you can stand out from the crowd at every stage.

Think of the example of a personal trainer in a gym – do you need one?  Maybe, maybe not. I guess it depends how important your improvement in fitness is to you.  You could just go for a run, you could go to the gym and just use the equipment by yourself, but if you want to be focused on meeting clear objectives and working steadily towards them, expert support makes a huge difference.

Or the example of a slimming club.  Lots of people diet quite regularly, but if you have a big event coming up e.g. a wedding, you might decide that the focus, accountability, recipes etc., provided by joining a slimming club will help to shift those last few pounds and keep you focused on the end goal.

In the same way that you might decide to invest in yourself with a personal trainer or slimming club, a career coach provides the expertise, support, encouragement and accountability that will make all the difference in your career search.

So, what will my coach do?

Through a series of personally tailored video calls and materials they will help you:

  • Navigate through this period of change – they are someone to talk to about how you are feeling about your career transition
  • Rebuild your confidence, if it has taken a knock
  • Review career options – they help you uncover options that you had not thought about
  • Uncover and talk confidently and succinctly about your skills and achievements
  • Develop your personal brand – through writing a great CV, supporting with the creation of a video cv to help you stand out from the crowd, polish up your LinkedIn profile and advising on how to be more visible on LinkedIn
  • Adopt the best job search strategies and advise you on how to carry them out
  • Understand interview types and techniques and how to confidently prepare for them
  • Transition into your new role

Working with a Career Coach can ultimately give you the tools and confidence to shorten the time it takes to make that change in your career.