Meet the Return with Resilience Team

As a participant on the Return with Resilience programme, it’s important that you know who you will be working with.  Our team is a collaboration of experts in their own field.  A team of experts who have come together to offer a blend of support to help you get back to work with confidence and resilience.

Morna Ronnie and Helen Tuohy from The People Portfolio have backgrounds spanning over 25 years each in recruitment and human resources.  They know what employers and recruiters are looking for when it comes to applications, CVs and interviews.

They will run a series of virtual group workshops on employability skills, drawing on their experience to help you to present your best self to potential employers and unlock the hidden jobs market.  These group sessions will also provide the opportunity for networking with other likeminded women on the programme which we know can be a real benefit.

Louise Scott and Kirsty Ritchie from Mind & Mission Ltd are qualified psychotherapists who previously had business careers in HR and Accountancy respectively.  They will provide one-to-one, confidential coaching sessions to help explore and develop your mental fitness. We know from the previous Return with Resilience programme that these sessions were hugely impactful and really help the returners to feel ready for their return to work.

Angie Garton is the menopause specialist on the programme and  will share some of the science behind the menopause, common symptoms and what you can do to manage and control them.  Angie has a vast array of knowledge and resources, so whatever your question about this potentially challenging stage of life, she can help.

All-in-all we believe our team is second to none in delivering a return-to-work programme for women in their 50’s or experiencing the menopause.

Return with Resilience is funded by The Scottish Government and administered by Skills Development Scotland.

Applications for the current programme are currently open to women throughout Scotland and can be made here:

Return With Resilience is back!

We are thrilled to be launching Return with Resilience 2021/22! 

This is the programme which supports women over 50 or experiencing the menopause, back to the professional or financial services sector, after a career break of 6 months or more.  If this describes you, and you live anywhere in Scotland, then you can access the following free of charge : 

  • One-to-one mental fitness coaching with a qualified psychotherapist 
  • Group employability workshops on confidence building, CV writing, interview skills and job searching techniques 
  • Information and guidance on how to manage the menopause 
  • The opportunity to apply for paid work placements with some fantastic employers 

The sessions will be delivered online and you will be working with a group of likeminded women. Coaching and training will take place in November and December with work running from January to March 2022.  

If you meet the criteria above and want a fully supported return to your career then get in touch as soon as possible as places are limited. 

The Women Returners Programme is funded by the Scottish Government and administered by Skills Development Scotland. 

Applications can be made here: 

Return with Resilience

We are delighted to announce that the Scottish Government is funding a third cohort of this life changing women returner’s programme in 2022.

Return With Resilience, is an employability skills programme, tailor made for women aged around 50 who have had a career break of at least six months.

We know that at this stage of life, returners might also be experiencing the menopause – a natural, but for some, extremely challenging part of the aging process.

Recent research shone a light on the effect the menopause can have on women in the workplace, with a new study finding that one in 10 women who have worked during the menopause, left their  job due to their symptoms.

So for women looking to re-establish their careers, the mental and physical symptoms of the menopause, can make this feel like an even more unrealistic objective.  

‘Return With Resilience’ provides a vehicle for women at the same stage of life, to share experiences and support each other.

We will be running the programme in September but are accepting expressions of interest now.

Programme participants will receive:

  • A friendly onboarding experience with our team of experts
  • Virtual sessions, meaning all you need is access to a laptop and good connectivity
  • Five hours’ worth of one-to-one mental fitness coaching to assist in restoring lost confidence, and building optimism and resilience
  • Group workshops on CV writing, interview skills and job search strategies
  • Participation in a Menopause Expert led workshop, and access to fabulous resources
  • Personal support with job applications and introductions to great employers
  • Ongoing support and guidance as part of our professional network

Our delivery partners on Return with Resilience are Mind and Mission Ltd and Angie Garton.

Return with Resilience is funded by the Scottish Government and administered by Skills Development Scotland.

Feedback from last year’s participants included

Everything was clearly explained hence a great demystifying experience. The support and shared knowledge was fantastic. 

I felt like there was room for me as a whole person and that I got such useful advice and genuine support. Everything felt like it was coming from such a genuine and useful place, I felt trust and that I could explore what it’s possible for me to do next. 

Complete the contact form below to join our mailing list and receive early notification of when the application window will be opening and guidance on how to apply.  

    Advice for Returner Candidates

    In the final of our series of posts about our Return with Resilience programme we wanted to share some of our learning and tips for returning to work after a career break.

    Depending on the reasons for your break and the length of time you have been out of the workforce it can be a daunting time, so we hope these tips are helpful:

    • Be Clear

    Spend some time thinking about what you are trying to achieve.  Do you want a similar role to the one you left?  Something different? A different sector? Full time, part time, working from home?  What skills do you want to use?

    • Be Flexible

    Once you have created an outline of what you are looking for, think about how flexible you can be in order to keep as many options open as possible.  For example, if you want to work part-time what flexibility can you offer regarding the particular hours you work?

    • Identify your Skills

    It is important to know what transferable skills you have and to be able to “sell” them to a potential employer.  Think about the skills you used in previous roles, the strengths that you naturally have and any new skills you have gained during your career break.  Make sure these are clear and evidenced on your CV.

    • Spend your time wisely

    Many returners fall into the trap of focusing their job search entirely on job boards when in reality many jobs are never advertised and are filled through direct connections and networking.  Think about how you will connect with others and be visible.  Creating a strong LinkedIn profile and being an active, regular participant are key.

    • Do your research

    Which companies are you interested in?  What sectors are booming?  What companies are in the news and are therefore likely to be recruiting?  Which companies offer in-house returner programmes?

    • Get support

    It’s ok to ask for help.  Think about the support networks you have around you and how they can help you e.g., by sharing your details on LinkedIn to reach a wider audience, or by practicing interview answers with you or reading over your CV. 

    Finally, be open minded, returning after a break is a great opportunity to get involved with something new and exciting!  Good luck!