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Attract and Retain Talent: How Human Resources and Marketing working together is the key

There is no question that the Marketing function is responsible for Company branding, from website content to tone of voice, logos, fonts and everything in between. Often, the target audience of external marketing content is a business customer. 

From an internal perspective, HR will typically take a lead in project managing employee engagement activities, often using surveys and other feedback mechanisms.  These insight tools help provide context for the development of an Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which in turn forms part of the Employer Brand. 

The best and most impactful EVPs are developed when Marketing and HR functions collaborate, ensuring that both the business development and employer brands align, highlight the same values, use the same terminologies and language, as well as looking and feeling consistent. 

Customers are also potential recruitment candidates and vice versa, so the EVP is vital to recruitment strategies and campaigns.  An EVP tells the story of the business and what it might be like to work there by using a strong, positive, and consistent narrative to entice people to apply. 

An additional benefit of a strong EVP is that current employees also receive clear and consistent messaging about the company and the part they play in it, leading to greater staff retention. 

Marketing professionals are the experts in writing compelling content, so why is it that so many job adverts are written by HR or in-house recruiters?
Good copywriting is key, so the best results naturally arise when these two functions work closely together.

You could take things one more positive step further. If your Marketing and HR functions were to work alongside an external expert and unbiased pair of eyes, the end results are much more likely to reflect the thoughts of your target customers and candidates, helping you to generate the best results in recruitment and retention.

The People Portfolio’s partnership with The Skills Collective is designed to provide exactly this service.  By combining Branding & Communications expertise with Recruitment, HR and Employee Engagement experience, we are able to support you to deliver the bespoke resources you need to improve your Employer Brand, and by extension strengthen your overall company brand.

Our employer branding support packages include a consultation with our team to help identify exactly what you need from us and how we can help you with a fully bespoke package offering just the support you need, no more, no less.

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