We are 1!

We are 1!  Happy Birthday to us!

The People Portfolio was born during the height of the pandemic on November 16th 2021, a challenging and uncertain time for everyone.  We knew what we were good at, the sorts of projects and people we wanted to support, but we were starting from scratch.  It was exciting and challenging and lots of fun too –  boy have we learned a lot over the last twelve months!

Some of the key things we have learned and are very grateful for include

  • Collaboration

We have worked with some wonderful collaborators and supporters who have helped us to successfully complete projects which we would never have managed on our own.  To our fabulous collaborators – thank you!

  • Go with the flow

If we had had a rigid plan that we had stuck to, we would not have achieved as much as we have. Opportunities have presented themselves in the most fortuitous and unexpected ways at times, and it’s great that we were nimble enough to positively react to them

  • Listen to that little voice when something doesn’t feel right

We’ve learned to realise that working with people and clients whose values and approaches align with ours is hugely important for us.  Early on, we were unsuccessful for a piece of work, getting down to the final two bidders.  However,  we knew that the alignment wasn’t really there.  We will now trust our gut feeling and stayed tuned in to that as we move positively forward.

  • Bidding for public sector work

We have successfully bid for three large public sector contracts (large for us anyway!).  Submitting these bids   can be a very challenging and time-consuming process.  It was great to learn that even as a newly formed micro business, you can work with others to succeed in this area.

  • Walking our talk – the ability to wear multiple hats and learning new skills

As two sole traders, it has been essential to learn new skills necessary to enable us to run the business,  including virtual facilitation techniques and technology, website building, bookkeeping, social media management.  We’ve been realistic in knowing that some skills are simply outwith our ability, but our strong network has enabled us to harness the support and guidance of others.

  • Flexible working

The flexibility offered by working for yourself is an absolute joy.  Do we sometimes work in evenings and on weekends?  Yes we do, but that allows us to flex when and where we work all week long.  You can’t put a price on that and we certainly don’t miss the regular commute!

Back in November 2020, we decided upon our name, The People Portfolio, because together, we wanted to utilise our broad and varied experiences within HR, Recruitment, Outplacement and Career Coaching to offer individuals and companies alike a range of people focused support services.

We have certainly achieved that it has been a very varied year. All that is left to say is a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us so far including collaborators, clients, suppliers, friends and family and here’s to year 2!