Portfolio for Employers

The People Portfolio provides a diverse range of professional, yet flexible people focussed services. These services have been developed through the team’s extensive experience of working in HR, Recruitment, Facilitation, Outplacement and Coaching.

We work with you to achieve your business aims through your people. Our network of Associate Consultants have the skills, knowledge and experience to work with you through the entire employment life cycle.

Our vision is to be the essential partner for people first businesses.

Our fully tailored portfolio includes;

Group and individual outplacement programmes

Psychometrics for application in team and individual development e.g. Belbin Team Roles, Myers Briggs, 16PF5

Recruitment/Talent Acquisition

Organisational Redesign and Development

Values, Culture & Employee Engagement

Mental Fitness & Wellbeing

Conflict Resolution inc. mediation

Diversity & Inclusion including Returner Programmes

Facilitation & Training

More details on some of our services

Group and Individual Outplacement Programmes

It is vitally important to treat employees well if you are in the position of having to make them redundant.  It gives them much needed support at a very difficult time, demonstrates that you live your values to your remaining employees and is quite simply the right thing to do.  We can support every stage of the process from the selection process, to the legalities, communication and provision of a highly personalised outplacement programme.  This can also be enhanced with our mental fitness support for those leaving and those managing the process.

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Expert support in this area can speed up the process and will lead to the right fit for your team first time.  Getting hiring wrong is one of the most expensive errors a business can make from direct costs, to reputational issues. 

We can support you with job design, creation of job descriptions, recruitment & selection strategy, advertising, selection of candidates, assessment, interviewing and onboarding. We are also qualified to deliver a range of psychometric and behavioural tools to build successful teams.

Organisational Redesign and Development

Inevitably, as your organisation grows, you will need to review what it wants and needs, assess the gap between the current state and where you want it to be in the future.  A review of the design of yourorganisational practices will bridge that gap.  

Organisational Design and Development is a fundamental, wide reaching, future-focused activity involving a review of the entire organisation to decide what does and doesn’t work. It usually involves a holistic review of everything from your systems, structures, people practices, rewards, performance measures, policies, processes, culture, to the wider operating environment.

We will work with you to identify and fully understand your organisation’s issues and performance challenges.  We will enable you to make sure the right decisions are made about how to organise the work and the people in your company to best achieve your, goals, aims and strategy.

Values, Culture and Employee Engagement

A growing and prosperous business is one that identifies, nurtures and retains the fundamental core values and culture it was first built on.  Employees with high levels of engagement are committed to your goals, giving their best every day.  This in turn leads to higher business productivity and success.

We will work with you articulate what your culture and values are and recommend ways to build them into your business’ DNA.  We will also support you to recruit against your core values, blend them into all your policies and procedures and monitor employee engagement levels within your company.  

Mental Fitness and Wellbeing

Day to day pressures of home and work life can be a lot to handle sometimes. Stress, anxiety and depression are increasingly common in today’s society, now more than ever.

As an employer it is more important than ever to help support your employees’ physical and financial wellbeing, and also their emotional wellbeing.  We can work with you to provide the appropriate tools and resources for your people, helping create a happier and more engaged workforce.

Conflict Resolution including Mediation

It is highly beneficial to have independent HR advice and support in periods of conflict including expert mediation. Our highly professional and confidential support can help you to manage any situation the right way.

Diversity & Inclusion including Returner Programmes

Diverse teams, where employees feel included, are more likely to bring a range of skills, experiences and viewpoints which in turn lead to more creativity and greater success. If you have this important topic on your agenda, we can help with defining your aims and objectives, providing tips and advice on how to embed diversity and inclusion at every stage.  We also offer specific expertise in Returner Programmes.

Facilitation & Training

Whether it’s traditional face-to-face or digital, a small scale meeting or a larger training course we can support with skilled facilitation. Focussed on your outcomes we can design training courses and interactive workshops from an initial idea or tailor and deliver some of our key topics of expertise i.e. diversity & inclusion, recruitment techniques, returner programmes, employability skills, values & culture.