Portfolio for Individuals

*if you are interested in the Be Your Best Self programme for Women in Agriculture please click here https://thepeopleportfolio.co.uk/category/beyourbestself/

We support people in a range of employment situations from changing jobs, redundancy, returning to work after a career break, to seeking an internal move or promotion.

Our combined experience in Recruitment, Human Resources and Outplacement means that we can help you to:

* identify what type of job really motivates you and matches your own experience

* job search effectively to give you a wider range of opportunities to consider

* create and tailor your CV and application for each job

* understand what interviewers are looking for

* structure your preparation to enable you to perform at your best during the entire recruitment process.

We offer one-to-one career coaching covering all of these topics. The first step is to book a free Call for Clarity.

Call for Clarity

To better understand your needs and determine how we would best support your objectives we offer an initial 30 minute Call for Clarity. We’ll ask some questions about your circumstances, listen to your needs and offer suggestions about the support package that we feel would best suit you. This call is free and you would be under no obligation to take up any of our paid services. You can book using the buttons below to find a time to suit you and this can easily be rearranged should your plans change.


Our CV Review Service starts with us carefully reviewing your current CV (if you have one). We then have a one hour video call to review your CV together, giving you hints and tips on how to improve it. Afterwards we will e-mail you resources to support you with this. This can then be followed by a 30 minute follow up call to review the revised version with you.

In this service we do not rewrite your CV for you as we believe that equipping you to write your own CV effectively is the best approach. That way you can adapt your own CV for all future applications and feel confident in doing so. This one hour video call costs £75 inc. VAT.

Success Session

A key building block in writing your CV and preparing for interviews can be to understand, and be able to talk about, your background and achievements and how these relate to the competencies and functional areas of expertise a potential employer is seeking. 

Although we discuss the topic of achievements in our CV sessions, if you want to spend more time drawing these out with your coach then this session can be invaluable.  We will work with you to articulate your achievements and create a “key achievements bank”.   You will then be able to use this to quickly tailor your CV for each application you make and prepare well for interviews.  Doing this groundwork will make the whole job application and interview process much less daunting.

A one hour “Success Session” with us will help you feel much more confident and prepared for any recruitment process. We will help you to clearly and concisely talk about your achievements and how these relate to the competencies and functional areas a potential new employer is seeking. This session costs £75 inc. VAT.


Our interview skills sessions are one hour video calls which can be used to discuss general interview hints and techniques or can be used as a practice interview session where we will prepare and pose some interview questions to you and give feedback on your responses as well as any tips for improvement. A one hour interview session costs £75 inc VAT.

Job Search Coaching

A one hour video call covering a range of topics tailored to suit your individual needs from the use of job boards, to working effectively with recruitment agencies, professional networking, use of LinkedIn when job searching and more. A one hour Job Search session costs £75 inc. VAT.

Belbin Team Roles report

We also offer the opportunity to complete a Belbin Team roles behavioural profile and receive feedback on your report. This will help you to identify your strengths, allowable weaknesses and understand what you have to offer in a team. A valuable piece of self understanding when writing your CV and preparing for interviews. To find out more please email info@thepeopleportfolio.co.uk